Programming in Objective-C 2.0 (3rd edition) by Stephen Kochan

Whilst waiting for what seems like forever for the third edition of Programming in Objective-C 2.0 by Stephen Kochan to arrive, I decided to cancel my order with and purchase it from as it is already available in the US. Yes, I have had to pay extra for P&P, however as do not have a proper available date I could not wait any longer, so hopefully I will receive my copy from across the pond by the start of next week, and get down to the nitty gritty of learning Objective-C.

Up until now I have been watching the Stanford lectures as previously mentioned, however the students attending these lectures are expected to have completed a module on Java, so will have a very good grounding of an OOP language. Don’t get me wrong, the three lectures I have watched so far have been informative and am sure will come together even more once I start working my way through Stephen’s book.

I have also been working through a couple of books on iOS programming, which although do not teach you Objective-C from the ground up, they lead you through building various basic apps, giving you a grounding in Xcode. The main problem I had was that most of the books out there are based on Xcode 3.0, and as I am using Xcode 4.0 (not used 4.2 yet as it scares me), I got a little lost at times. I managed to find one book which is based on 4.0 (iOS SDK Programming A Beginners Guide). One thing I have found working through these books though is that when my projects do not run I have had trouble a couple of times figuring out what is actually wrong. This may be due to an error in the code from the book, and therefore the fact that my knowledge on Objective-C is limited at the moment, I am not always able to fix it. But hey, it’s all good fun, and when it does work and I am able to run the app (all be it basic apps) on my iPhone it brings that smile back to my face.

Based on what I have learned so far though the books mentioned above, I will be uploading a guide to producing your first app shortly. Yes, it will be the usual “Hello World” app which most programming books have you producing first, however we all need to start somewhere.

4 thoughts on “Programming in Objective-C 2.0 (3rd edition) by Stephen Kochan

  1. Owel

    Also got the same book by Kochan after reading high praises of it on Amazon, and some pros recommending it on other forums. I also got the Big Nerd Ranch Book, and you may also want to check that. I’m a fan of the Stanford video series… I like the instructor’s approach, though sometimes I get lost and this is where the Kochan book comes in handy to explain concepts in more detail.

    1. Seerex

      Hey Owel, don’t know if i can contact you here, but last i checked the Stanford series out, it were using Xcode 3, and i found it a bit tough to follow. Have they updated it for Xcode 4?


      1. myfirstadmin Post author

        Hi Seerex, I believe the current Stanford out there is from Fall 2010. I have this and yes, it is based on Xcode 3.

    2. myfirstadmin Post author

      Hi Owel, I also have iOS Programming by BNR which is a great book. I previously downloaded the Stanford lectures, however only watched a couple as I have so much printed material that I decided to work through that first.


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