It Has Been A While

I cannot believe that it has been three and a half months since I last posted here. Back in October I started my second year at University, so with that there has an increase in workload and learning compared to the first year, which has had an obvious knock on effect to my learning Objective-C/iOS development.

In my last post I mentioned my second app Heating Oil Mobile. We released this app on December 1st, and currently have a handful of oil companies on the app. Although not the best of starts, as ideally we would want more of the UK covered; so that when someone looks for oil prices in their area, they do not receive the message informing them that we do not currently have a supplier in their area. We were however contacted by a major player in the UK heating oil market who are going to be trialling some more areas, and we are in negotiations with them to take on the whole of England and Wales, which if we pull it off will be pretty good and mean that we can spend the time developing the app further for the iPhone, and also develop it for Android and other smartphone operating systems.

With iOS 5 being available to developers for some months now I am rather behind in the times and actually have a couple of books on the new features gathering dust on my shelf, so will hopefully be able to get back into it and continue my learning before long.

I have however recently started working on an app (which I guess is my third app) for one of my lecturers at University, which uses Core Location and has been quite interesting so far. Unfortunately it does not use iOS 5 as the app is required to work on iOS 4.2 and up, however at least I am getting back in to writing Objective-C; and that is after learning Ruby, basic PHP and more JavaScript last semester at Uni.

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